About Astaara

Astaara is an integrated insurance services and risk management advisory business incorporating cyber risk advisory, underwriting and analytics. Our leadership team has more than 70 years’ experience in these areas

Marine operators want certainty and crave capital preservation. Management has to manage risk and risk mitigation activities and balance sheet transfer (insurance). We have looked at every part of the insurance value chain from the client’s perspective to allow a client to answer the core questions.


The leadership team at Astaara is made up of dynamic and experienced marine/ energy and cyber professionals
  • Robert Dorey

    25 years of experience underwriting, managing and leading within marine energy and speciality lines of business.

  • James Cooper
    Managing Director

    20 years in the London insurance markets, as a broker of Political Risks and Trade Credit, and moving into strategy and underwriting management within the Lloyd’s market.

  • William Egerton
    Chief Cyber Officer

    25 years of cyber experience, initially within Government and then as a strategy consultant within private practice. A recognised talent of excellence within the cyber industry.

  • Phil Ponsford
    Deputy Chief Cyber Officer

    Philip is a former naval captain who worked at the forefront of the development of information security strategy for the Royal Navy, writing the service’s first cyber guidance.

    He spent 30 years in senior roles at sea and ashore, and also worked for three years at the centre of UK cross‐government maritime security, as deputy director of the National Maritime Information Centre (NMIC).

    Philip brings an experienced mariner’s eye to every aspect of Astaara’s work

  • Howard Potter
    Head of Marine Cyber Underwriting

    Over 25 years in the marine sector, working across all marine lines, both in London and overseas.

  • Tom Graham
    Senior Ports & Terminals Underwriter

    12 years of experience in the London insurance market, specialising as a Ports and Terminals Underwriter.

Tom Graham
Senior Ports & Terminals Underwriter

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Integrity – is at the heart of what we do. We believe in being honest and fair. We always strive to do the right thing within our company and for our clients.

Adventure – life is an adventure. We do not believe in starting any adventure unless it is worth our or your time. There are risks in any adventure, but we believe in taking those risks so that you can enjoy the journey.

Unity – we work collaboratively. We do not believe in division. We share ideas and welcome feedback across the company.

Positivity – we start each day as we mean to go on. Positively. As a team, we seek to encourage each other daily. We treat each other as humans. We believe in enabling people to do the best work that they possibly can.

Security – not only do we strive to make the maritime world a safer place, but we believe in ensuring our company is a safe place to work. The wellbeing of our staff is paramount. We want you to feel that security as our client.

Enablement – we are always learning. We seek new knowledge to consistently improve how we work with each other and with you. We are open to challenge to see what can be achieved amongst ourselves and for our clients.