Underwriting For Ports & Terminals

Ports & Terminals are an essential part of the national infrastructure for any country and have high standards to uphold in the security of the global supply chain. The cyber element of this security is of the utmost importance especially as Ports & Terminals become more automated. High standards of regulation are required by the ISPS code and other governmental organisations.

The Astaara Ports & Terminals Cyber Perils Insurance is designed to cover the effects of a cyber incident affecting any computer system, service, or network which is controlled by the insured.

Our cyber incident response is backed up by our global partnerships with Crawford and HFW. Cover is available on a global basis, subject to individual national requirements.

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Cover can be scaled and may be included for:

  • Physical damage to port infrastructure and equipment
  • Cyber defence & remediation (including public relations costs)
  • IT assets damage and non-damage costs
  • Data restoration costs
  • Loss of personal data and breach of privacy legislation
  • Loss of revenue / business interruption

  • Cyber crime, including ransomware
  • Allowable civil fines and penalties
  • E-theft
  • Dependent organisation coverage
  • Contractual liability