Underwriting for the maritime industry

We have developed the wording and service in conjunction with the marine community. The result being a cover that achieves certainty, clarity and balance sheet protection.

  • Certainty: clear scope of cover which is agnostic as to cause
  • Clarity: the industry leading cyber incident definition
  • Balance sheet protection: A cover that reflects the totality of a maritime enterprise, not merely one individual section within

Our underwriting is focused on enterprise level risks, combining traditional marine with shore-based cyber risks in one single cover, which therefore reflects the actual enterprise and balance sheet which is being insured and protected.

Astaara is able to cover ports and terminals, as well as ships, shipowners and ship managers.


AstaaraCyber is about improving  a company’s resilience and ability to recover rapidly from a cyber attack. It is an integrated, holistic risk management solution focusing on Cyber-enterprise risk management and risk transfer via insurance.

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Robert Dorey



For Ports & Terminals

Astaara’s underwriting product mirrors all cover which would be available under a typical Ports & Terminals package but where the loss arises from a cyber incident, and combines it with enterprise cyber coverage for the whole operation, including terminal and logistics operations.



For Shipowners

The Astaara Marine & Enterprise Cyber Perils Insurance is designed to cover the effects of a cyber incident affecting any computer system, service, or network which is controlled by the insured.